Are you being called by God to serve as a priest?

“The Priest is an ordinary man called to an extraordinary ministry”

Cardinal Basil Hume

The Church needs priests, just as it has always done, and always will. Priests, who dedicate themselves to the service of God, by bringing people closer to God, through the Gospel and the Sacraments. The priest is called to be a person of Christ, and to act in his person, serving the People of God.

Christ called the Disciples to follow Him, and he did not promise them an easy time—we have only to look at the sufferings they endured, with many of them paying the ultimate price for their discipleship. However, he did promise them the kingdom, he promised them the fullness of life, and this is what they experienced.

That same call to “Come, follow me”, is extended to us today. It is no different. This call is made from the heart of Christ, to the heart of man, and demands no less of a sacrifice than was asked of the very first Disciples. That call is also a call to experience the fullness of life and the reality of the kingdom in the here and now.

A life spent answering the call of Christ to “come, follow me”, is a life in which you will be called upon to bring God’s own love to his people, a love which touches every aspect of their lives. You will be asked to show your own great love by laying down your life for the friends you serve in Jesus’ name.

Whatever your age, experience or background, you will almost certainly feel hesitant about a call to the priesthood. That is only natural.

The priestly ministry is a real challenge, an adventure. It means being close to Jesus in an extraordinary way, with his own joy within you, but also sharing the trials and sufferings that came his way.

You may be asking what you should do with your life. Above all, what God is asking of you, as only his will of love for you can bring real meaning and purpose.

  • Do you pray?
  • Could people say of you, “he’s a man after my own heart”?
  • Do you have a desire to help other people know God’s love?
  • Are you approachable?
  • Do you enjoy life, people and have a sense of humour?
  • Are you concerned for the poor and vulnerable?

If the answer is “yes”, then you might be experiencing the call of God to enter into a deeper relationship, and to serve as a priest. Discerning this call in your life is a natural progression, and it is something that is advisable to discuss with those who have experienced the same call. You would be surprised how diverse the backgrounds and life experiences of priests can be, especially here in the Diocese of Menevia.

If you feel that God is calling you to the Priesthood, and you would like to discuss your thoughts and concerns about what this might involve, then please contact the Vocations Director for Menevia, who will do all he can to help you on your journey of discernment as to what is the will of God is in your life.