Religious Life

The vocation to Religious Life, is a call from God to men and women to enter into a relationship with Him, through living their vocation in a community which is dedicatee to following a particular rule of life.

The charism of each community or congregation is specific to that particular order, and although many may share similar objectives, their particular way of living out the call of Christ to “Come, follow me” will be slightly different in its nature.

We are blessed here in Menevia, to have a number of different Religious Congregations who serve the Church in both the active and contemplative apostolate.

Many Parishes in our Diocese were established by Religious Orders, such as the Benedictines, the Passionists, and the Carmelites. Our Diocese even gets its name from the Diocese originally established by St. David in the sixth Century.

Bishops of this Diocese have included Benedictines, a Fransiscan and our current Bishop is a member of the Marist Congregation.

Just as with a vocation to the Priesthood, the call to Religious Life is one that is rooted in prayerful discernment, and demands listening to the voice of God, and responding to His will, with generosity and love.

For further information or advice on making contact with Religious orders, you are welcome to contact the Vocations Director .