Bishop attends Anglican consecration

Having recently been consecrated as a bishop of the Church in Wales at Llandaff, the Rt Revd Joanna Penberthy has become the first female Anglican bishop in Wales. She was chosen as the new bishop by the Electoral College in November, at which time she was the incumbent rector of Glan Ithon, in the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon. Canon Jo was enthroned as the new bishop of St David’s Diocese on the 11th February 2017.

Although originally from Swansea, she grew up in Cardiff and has either studied or ministered in the dioceses of Llandaff, St Asaph’s and Durham.

As well as the many clergy and parishioners of the Anglican diocese being present, so too in attendance was Bishop Tom Burns with Fr Liam Bradley and Mr Patrick Coyle, the ecumenical officer for the Diocese of Menevia. As she begins her new ministry, Bishop Tom offered her some warm words of support and encouragement.