Paul Sartori Foundation

The Paul Sartori foundation has, for 35 years, supported those with
illnesses who require hospice care. The charity was begun in memory of
Father Paul Sartori, the former parish priest of Haverfordwest who
died of cancer in 1980 aged only 39. Since it’s foundation, the
charity has gone from strength to strength and is now a visible
presence across all of Pembrokeshire providing nursing and care and
support for those who are very ill and their families.

During Easter week, Fr McGreal and Canon Pelosi celebrated an
anniversary Mass at St David and St Patrick’s Church, in the presence
of Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dyfed and the High Sheriff of
Dyfed. They were joined by several Lord Mayors of the towns of
Pembrokeshire, and numerous foundation members and parishioners.

Fr Liam Bradley, the current parish priest, was with the HCPT
pilgrimage in Lourdes at the time of the celebrations, but recently
said that “it was a great privilege for the parish to host such an
event and that our gratitude goes out to all those whose dedicated
work supports those who are dying or bereaved. That such a charity was
founded from the parish, and today continues to support all peoples of
the county, is a true blessing for us all. We can only say thank you
to all those who form the charity today”.

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